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Pandia Applications Food Packaging

See how a can production company monitors their Soudronic machines with Pandia. With up to 240 frames per seconds and long-term monitoring he sees details that are not visible with bare eyes.


Testimonial from one of your Customers 

Sergio Gil Romero from AUXILIAR CONSERVERA S.A.:

Pandia Video Diagnostics is an excellent solution for performance analysis and fault diagnosis, indispensable in process engineering.
Thank you Mauro Nart and his team for the presentation in AUXILIAR CONSERVERA S.A.



See how RAMSEIER Suisse AG (well known swiss beverage producer) uses Pandia to quickly isolate and analyze the cause of recurring malfunctions on complex filling lines.

Pandia is set up in just a few minutes and monitors the points where you suspect error sources 24/7. In the event of a malfunction, Pandia stores the last minutes before the malfunction and provides detailed video analysis (with slow motion, frame-by-frame analysis and zoom) . The videos are used for on-site analysis and easy communication with external specialists.

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Tackle a sporadic problem with Pandia 24/7 video monitoring.

Pandia Analysis Mode

Identify the root cause of equipment malfunctions and problems using Pandia’s analysis tool with zoom, slow-motion, and frame-by-frame video from multiple angles.

Export video and audio to easily share with experts and remote support desk.