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Root Cause Analysis with Pandia 

Sporadic malfunctions lead to expensive machine downtime, potentially impacting the entire production chain. This explainer shows how Pandia is used to systematically analyse root causes to prevent this critical situations.

Remote Support with Pandia

During the problem-solving process, remote experts are often involved. This video illustrates how situations can escalate due to misunderstandings and how the Pandia solution leads to clear communication, ultimately saving costs and frustration.

Where is Pandia used?

Pandia is particularly suitable for use in manufacturing plants and systems …

  • … that run complex and fast processes.
  • … that process thin, flexible or organic materials.
  • … that are large size, and have distributed processes that are difficult to observe.
  • … that are frequently retooled, or that have run in changing production conditions.

Sheet metal processing, food processing, bottle-filling systems, paper, cardboard, plastic packaging