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Pandia is a mobile video system for monitoring and troubleshooting industrial processes and machinery. Analysis can be performed on-site or by remote support.

Pandia Set

The Panida Set consists of:

  • Four Pandia cameras, with customized magnetic or clamp mounts
  • A laptop with Pandia app for recording, livestream, and video analysis
  • The Pandia case for practical and safe transport, with accessories (WLAN hotspot, chargers, batteries)

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Setup and use of Pandia

Four Pandia cameras are securely placed with magnetic holders, for observing and recording the spots where you suspect sources of error. If a malfunction occurs, the last minutes before the incident are automatically saved.

You can then analyze the four synchronized views with zoom, slow motion and frame-by-frame analysis find the cause of the malfunction.

With Pandia Remote, all settings and functions of the Pandia equipment on-site can be controlled remotely, such that a remote troubleshooter can analyze and solve problems without having to travel on-site.

Simple Setup in 5 Minutes

Example: Pandia setup and troubleshooting on a bottling line

Example: Using the Pandia analysis functions