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Krones UK. Here you can see a preform that has stuck to another preform on the carousel after ejection. This caused the machine to stop.
Full Success Story.

The damaged can is ejected. The detailed videos from the other camera help to identify the cause more quickly.

Success Story Soudronic

The lying can is ejected (view 4). The cause is a bent guide at a completely different location. With Pandia it was easy to understand the root cause.

The stop was detected automatically. Recording at a high frame rate (240 fps) makes it easy to identify the cause of the error.

The bottle with the missing cap was used as a trigger (with colour filter).
Due to the views on the key processes, the feeding error is quickly detected.

The trigger on a LED of the control unit can trigger a storage of the videos at a certain moment. In this way, the processes are clearly visible and can be easily optimised.