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Case Success Story Rychiger AG

Rychiger AG has been a satisfied Pandia customer since Spring 2021.

We conducted the interview with Simon. He works in the development department at Rychiger AG.

Pandia: Could you perhaps briefly explain what exactly you do at Rychiger?

Rychiger: We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of customized solutions for packaging machines in the food, pet food, coffee & tea and health care industries. For example, several dozen coffee capsules are produced on our machines every second.

Pandia: How exactly do you use our product?

Rychiger: The Pandia Tool is mainly needed when setting up the machine. On the one hand, to check whether the processing of our products is error-free.

 Another possibility to use the tool is to find the cause of errors. This troubleshooting takes place both in-house and on-site at customers’ facilities in Switzerland and internationally.

Pandia: How did you hear about Pandia?

 Rychiger: The collaboration has existed since around March 2021. Mauro contacted us because Pandia had already worked with a company in a similar industry and he therefore had experience in our industry-specific problem solving.

Pandia: What was it about the product that convinced you?

Rychiger: Several factors. One point is certainly that the product is easy to set up and easier to operate than a conventional high-speed camera. The camera has four eyes and we are also able to run the system during testing and rewind retroactively to find the error in a manual monitoring mode.

Pandia: I heard you came up with the idea of an internal booking system. What exactly made you think of it and what were the reasons?

 Rychiger: I work in the Technology & Innovation department. We offer various internal services. We were looking for a way to make it as easy as possible for people to benefit from these services. So we set up a reservation system and anyone within the company can digitally reserve the equipment, which includes the Pandia tool.

Pandia: How did our product stand out from other options? Did you also look for alternatives to solve the problem?

 Rychiger: Yes, we have a conventional high-speed camera that is also used regularly. But that one is much more complicated to operate and very tricky. So when Mauro contacted us, we were immediately convinced by the product. Pandia is the product that, until you know it, you don’t even know you need it. We let ourselves be inspired and immediately saw many possible applications. Accordingly, we didn’t look for alternatives because we are completely satisfied with the tool.

Pandia: What was the decisive product feature for the decision of the

collaboration? And do you perhaps have an application example for us?

Rychiger: Definitely that you can analyze the same situation from different angles. You normally only ever have one perspective, such as with our high-speed camera.

An application example would be when we have problems with an air valve that has to blow air out somewhere and this air has to arrive on a product at a certain time. We produce several dozen capsules a second, so very precise processes are required. Before Pandia, we were always trying things out until everything was timed right, which took a lot of time. Today, we can point one camera at the valve lenses and see when the pulse comes. At the same time, we can use the second camera to measure how long it takes for the air to travel through the hose and arrive at the front of the product. This saves us an enormous amount of time because it’s no longer trial and error work, but precise measurement work. It’s also very helpful that this job can be done without years of experience.

Pandia: What do you like the most about working with Pandia?

Rychiger: We like the start-up character and Mauro is incredibly open to feedback and developing the product further. It’s always a discussion at eye level. Suggestions from us were also taken into account, something we really like.