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Get an overview of Pandia Product Features:

Not all Pandia features are implemented at this time.
* planned feature, not yet available.

A Record and AnalyzeB Share and RemoteC Long-term ObservationD Annotation and Organize

A Recorde and Analyze



Set up multiple Pandia smartphone cameras and observe machines processes from multiple perspectives:

  • Get an overview of what’s going on and what’s going wrong
  • Understand and analyze the interplay between components of complex processes

Pandia field application: Monitoring of a plastic injection molding machine:



Quickly extend your field of vision:

  • Use a smartphone camera to live-stream to a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) – no laptop needed
  • See components or processes that are far away, or are hidden in areas you can’t reach.



See faster using slow-motion:

  • Observe fast-moving parts and process
  • Find potential for optimization of machine processes

Pandia field application: Observation product ejection of plastic injection molding machine



B Share and Remote

Pandia lets you communicate more efficiently:

  • On-site technician can share live streams or recordings with remote support or specialist
  • Gain detailed understanding of on-site situation, and avoid miscommunication
  • Reduce the need to travel to your customer’s site
Share Live Stream

Share Live Stream

Share a live stream of your production site to remote supporter in order to give an overview of situation and problems on site.


Share High Quality Videos

Share High Quality Videos

Upload high-resolution multi-view and slowmotion videos, and give remote support a crystal-clear view into details and processes on site.


C Long-term Monitoring

Long-term Monitoring

Long-term Monitoring

Don’t miss the moment – with Pandia

Problems that occur intermittently or only in certain circumstances are particularly hard to trouble-shoot. Using Pandia Video Replay functionality, you can press the record back button after a quality problem or process failure occurs, and watch recording of the last few minutes before. This allows you to analyze the critical moments before to figure out what causes the problem.
Further you can use “Video Replay” to analyse changes after a parameter change on your machine.

Event Trigger*

Event Trigger

Automatically monitor your machine process, and analyze problems the day after they happen:

Pandia Trigger functionality lets you set your cameras to react to certain events or “triggers” (example graphic: red flashlight). While cameras are running in Video Replay mode, Pandia Event Trigger uses detection algorithms (audio and video) to detect the event, and automatically saves video clips of the seconds or minutes before the event. This allows you to keep Pandia watching your machine for hours or days, and just see the relevant clips afterwards. This allows for efficient long-term monitoring, and trouble-shooting of intermittent or rare problems or machines failures.

D Annotation and Organize

Video Annotation*

Video Annotation / Editing

Mark your video clips and add comments to document complicated processes, and to explain step-by-step repair directions:

  •  Add arrows, circles, and other symbols
  • Add comments, directions, or explanations

Video clip signal monitoring and troubleshooting:


more examples

Pandia Cloud Video Archive*

Pandia Cloud Video Archive

Upload video clips to the Pandia Cloud Video Archive, and tag and organize according to your needs. The Pandia Cloud allows you to conveniently find and watch archived video clips, and share access within your company and with your customers or service organization.




Video Samples

Machine Monitoring on Plastic Injection  Molding Machine

Observation of a robot arm on a plastic injection molding machine with four cameras:

Signal Monitoring for Cardboard Sheet Feeder

Observe machine movements together with signal output in order to analyse malfunction:

Signal Monitoring lift platform

Observe machine movements together with signal output in order to analyse malfunction:

Slowmotion for Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Analyze and optimize control for ejection of plastic parts:

Slowmotion Sheet Feeder

Observe the position of a cam disk and see at what degree what movement imitates. With slowmotion you are able to read the cam without slowing down the machine.



Slowmotion falling Caps