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Success Case Story RAMSEIER Suisse AG


We had an interview with Tom Beck, who has been working in operational technology and process optimization for just under 2 years.

Pandia: Could you perhaps briefly explain what you do at RAMSEIER Suisse AG?
We are a Swiss beverage manufacturer with a large variety of products. Therefore, a major goal of our team is to reduce changeover times between products. Furthermore, we naturally want to keep the technically caused downtimes as low as possible.

Pandia: What was the situation like before you started working with Pandia? (What problem did we solve with Pandia?)
Before working with Pandia, our technicians often had to stand at the plant for a long time and try to find the problem with the help of smartphone camera shots. During the changeover workshops, an additional person was needed for each employee, who filmed the changeover of the system with a GoPro. Afterwards, the videos had to be edited together in an elaborate way. The first problem we solved with Pandia was bottles with missing tops. Different areas of the bottle top were filmed to observe the problem. With the help of the videos, the line builder was able to fix the problem. Since the Pandia system made us aware of this problem, we decided to purchase our own set.

Details about thie application: LinkedIn Post

Pandia: How long has the collaboration existed?
For about 2.5 years.

Pandia: What convinced you about the product?
We were able to quickly solve a big problem (missing tops on bottles) through the cooperation with Pandia. Details of the use case: LinkedIn Post (Link) The software and the four cameras are very flexible and versatile. Suggestions for improvement and ideas are implemented, if possible, to further develop the system.

Pandia: What has changed through the collaboration with Pandia?
We can now carry out projects much faster and do more troubleshooting. The collaboration makes a lot of things more efficient, and we move forward faster.

Pandia: What was the decisive product feature for the decision to collaborate?
The interaction of the cameras with the software and consequently the synchronicity of the four cameras, as well as the programmability of the recording resolution in the automatic event recording (especially the colour filter, which helped us a lot in solving our first problem).

Pandia: What do you like most about working with Pandia?
You are very close in the process of product development of Pandia. When a problem arises, you write an email and the problem is solved promptly. That’s great!

Pandia: What have you achieved with our product?
We were able to improve the processes during changeover and thus gained time for the production. This has further improved our readiness to deliver.