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Success Story Soudronic

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Soudronic AG has been a satisfied Pandia customer for more than 2 years. The collaboration was a very important milestone for Pandia.

We were able to learn a lot from the exciting applications in Soudronic’s international environment. In addition, we were able to gain two more Pandia customers through word-of-mouth propaganda in the Soudronic customer field.
We now report on this in an exclusive interview:

Pandia: Could you briefly explain what you do at Soudronic?
Soudronic: We manufacture production lines and equipment for metal packaging, i.e. food cans, spray cans, all the way to oil drums. These are the machines that we manufacture and then distribute worldwide. In addition, we also install the machines, put them into operation and coordinate them with the customer on site. We also provide training and support our customers through the average 50-year life of the machines. If malfunctions appear we provide troubleshooting on site and remote and carry out machine upgrades.

Pandia: You also have applications in the international environment?
Soudronic: Exactly, we have 98% international customers, all over the world.

Pandia: How exactly do you apply our product?
Soudronic: We apply Pandia in 2 different ways.
First, Pandia enables high-speed imaging.
The human eye is simply too slow to see all the events on our equipment. Our equipment produces up to 1800 cans per minute. And even if our eye were able to see the errors, we would not have these errors stored as a recording. Thanks to Pandia, we can replay the recording several times to do basic tuning of the machines, improve the process, and find root causes of errors.
Another challenge is that we install and commission production lines consisting of several individual machines, which are up to 60 meters long and 30 meters wide. We can now set up cameras in various places on these lines and thus ensure that we see the right view and angle at the critical points, even with a small number of staff we are able to keep the overview of what’s going on.

Pandia: How did you hear about Pandia?
Soudronic: Through our customer service department. Mauro and our customer service manager know each other from school. We had an idea about the product and bought the hardware and sent it either with the machines or directly to customers so we could get a better idea on site. Sometimes communication with the customer is difficult and we don’t know the problem right away. But when you have the corresponding video or picture from the customer, it makes things a lot easier.
Pandia: What convinced you about the product?
Soudronic: What convinced us was that the tool is very easy to use and very easy to set up. Within a very short time you are ready to record your first videos and then with a little introduction you can easily operate the system and use it profitably.
Feedback and inputs were often implemented and provided for free with a SW update.

Pandia: How did our product stand out from other options? Did you also look for alternatives to meet the challenges?
Soudronic: We used to have high speed cameras for 30 000-50 000 Euros with light set and tripod a very expensive big case with computer and camera.
This was good as an internal problem-solving tool but was very complicated to use and was therefore little or not used at all. You also ended up with only one picture, making analysis difficult.
We were not happy with this solution. We were not aware that we were looking for something until we found out about Pandia.

Pandia: What was the decisive product feature for the decision to work together?
Soudronic: Definitely the 4 different angles of the camera, which we can synchronize, as well as the handiness of the equipment with tripod, magnetic holder and with battery.
The simplicity and handiness are very convincing!

Pandia: I was told that you have recommended Pandia to other companies as well. What feature or what exactly convinced you to recommend Pandia to other customers?
Soudronic: Our customers have the same problems as we do. The investment is not too big. It’s not a losing proposition if you leave the equipment for a few weeks and don’t use it. If there is a problem or another angle is needed, the system is quickly ready, and the machine is back in production much faster.

Pandia: What do you like best about working with Pandia?
Soudronic: The partnership! When we needed training, someone always took the time to show us possible improvements. Wishes and new features were also taken into consideration. The overall package of the product and the people was convincing! Due to Mauro’s experience in mechanical engineering and industry, he is able to empathise with our problems very quickly. You can have great discussions with him on the same level!”