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Customer Feedbacks and References

Markus Müller, Johannes Lehner und Oliver Riedhammer

Markus Müller, Johannes Lehner und Oliver Riedhammer Qulitätsabteilung Block bei Krones AG

Case Study or LinkedIn Comment

"A customer of ours from the UK was initially very skeptical because it was a very complicated issue. He didn't really want to believe us at first when we told him the fault diagnosis. However, the machine faults could be perfecrtly shown to him through the Pandia videos.The customer later agreed to new adjustments only because he saw the error himself. This saved us and also the customer an enormous amount of time."

Cyril Maurer

Cyril Maurer Head of Test Bench & Production bei Soudronic AG

Case Study or LinkedIn Comment

"Definitely the 4 different angles of the camera, which we can synchronize, as well as the handiness of the equipment with tripod, magnetic holder and with battery. The simplicity and handiness are very convincing!"

Patrick Kurer

Patrick Kurer Leader Software and Robotik, Aerne Engineering

Case Study or LinkedIn Comment

„We finally have a ready-made solution and if a problem arises, we grab the case and can quickly analyse the problem. We don't have to think about the analysis, everything is now immediately at hand!"

Tom Beck

Tom Beck Process optimization, RAMSEIER Suisse AG

Case Study or LinkedIn Comment

Pandia: What did you achieve by using our product? RAMSEIER Suisse AG: We were able to improve the processes during changeover and thus gain time for production. This has further improved our delivery readiness.

Willi Waldmeier

Willi Waldmeier Maintenance at Fedlschlösschen AG, Carlsberg Group

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"The Pandia tool helps us to quickly find the root cause of malfunctions. Thanks to the slow-motion we don’t miss anything anymore, we can observe frame-by-frame how the malfunction is developing."

Simon Spring

Simon Spring Development Engineer Technology&Innovation at Rychiger AG - Filling and Sealing Machines

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"The Pandia Tool is mainly needed when setting up the machine. On the one hand, to check whether the processing of our products is error-free. Another possibility to use the tool is to find the cause of errors. This troubleshooting takes place both in-house and on-site at customers' facilities in Switzerland and internationally."

Sergio Gil Romero

Sergio Gil Romero Process Engineer, AUXILIAR CONSERVERA S.A.

Case Study or LinkedIn Comment

"Pandia Video Diagnostics is an excellent solution for performance analysis and fault diagnosis, which is essential in process engineering."

Mario Sieber

Mario Sieber Head of R&D Mechanics, SFS Group Schweiz AG

Case Study or LinkedIn Comment

"Pandia is quickly set up on a "problem" machine when needed and gives us the necessary information for a targeted and fact-based root cause analysis. Due to the OEE improvements, the tool was amortized after a few months. In addition, our technicians get faster and more confident during commissioning. The videos of the incidents can be saved and are available at any time for training or presentations."